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EYP Technology Services

EYP offers technology services that provide the SMB market with the confidence in their computing environment.  That the efficient use of computing systems will enable their company to move forward in the pursuit of new business and that their data will be accurate, secure, and available at all times. EYP accomplishes this by drawing on its deep technology expertise methodologies and partners that enable customers to focus on the strategic and the ongoing technology needs of their organization.  EYP will assess the current technology issues and determine a road map to evolve the organizationís infrastructure with its strategic business goal.

EYPís expertise provides SMB companies with the confidence in their computing environment that their data will be protected and available at all times and business.


EYPís methodology is utilized to understand and build upon that understanding to ensure appropriate implementation, scalability and evolution of customersí technology environments.

Our approach is as follows:

Assess. This step provides a successful project strategy by reviewing the scope of customer needs, understanding their business and technology environment, and determining business impact and current benchmarks.

Develop. This step uses data gathered in the assessment stage to craft a specific solution to meet the customerís needs and required benchmarks. This step can also be used to simulate the future system (i.e. applications, hardware, and business processes) in a prototype environment.

Implement. This step performs the necessary programming, testing and preparation for placing systems and/or processes into fulltime use within the organization

Operate. This step involves the day-to-day use of the new business

Evolve. This step provides for continuous process and systems improvement by making adjustments in the customer environment based on data gathered in the operate step



Infrastructure Support and Professional Services

EYP strives to be more than just a technology provider. EYP is a company that provides technology that fits into the overall strategic business direction of your organization. EYPís management team understands the importance of bridging the technology and business gap and only through those efforts is your business able to function more efficiently and attain and surpass your revenue goals.

Desktop and Server - Configuration, Deployment, and Support

The Desktop and Server Computers are the information gateway and data repository for your business. Only through proper configuration and optimization with standard and business specific productivity applications, protection against malicious viruses, and ongoing configuration management will you get the optimal use out of your computing investment. The EYP team members are fully versed in all of the standard desktop and server operating systems including: Windows, Mac, Linux platforms. In addition, because of EYPís strategic relationship with hardware providers and partners, EYP can provide any hardware solution to a customer at a very reasonable price.

Network Infrastructure - Design, Configuration, Deployment and Support

A computer network is the backbone of any small or medium size company. It allows for easy file sharing and application sharing within an office or department. Many times offices that have networks have not taken the time to ensure those networks are secure and setup in the most efficient way.  EYP can work with a client to design, deploy and support an Ethernet or wireless network in their office environment or across multiple office locations. In addition EYP can provide remote connectivity for business owners or employees who plan to work from home. The EYP team is well versed in most office network equipment from the major manufactures.

Data Connectivity and Voice Solutions

In order for growing businesses to be more productive and in a position to share information and data outside of their organization, they must have some type of Internet and voice (telephony) connectivity. Todayís technology be it DSL, Broadband Cable, T1ís, and wireless allow the business owner multiple options to bring high speed Internet access to their office or multiple offices. In addition, modern telephony systems allow for voice and data to be combined in a businessís network to allow businesses to run more efficiently.  These capabilities allow a customer to have all of their telecommunications needs met from a single provider. The EYP team can also ensure your data and voice network is secure from those who may be intent on doing malicious damage to your businessís very important data.

Domain Names, E-mail, and Hosting

If you want a website and the ability to e-mail your customers using your web siteís domain name then you will need a hosted and unique domain name. EYP can assist you in getting a unique online name that matches your business name or is close to it. EYP can also provide e-mail addresses and the ability to host your domain name and e-mail addresses all online with one single provider. If you currently have a web site and an e-mail provider that you are not happy with then EYP would be happy to investigate migration services.

Application Design, Development, Optimization and Support

EYP has the expertise in the entire Microsoft suite of office and development applications and can work with a customer to refine their existing investment in packaged and customized applications. Or EYP can work with a customer to design development and implement a new solution depending on the customers’ needs. Many customers have invested in vertical applications specific to their market.

EYP also provides full-lifecycle application development from requirements, design, develop and test for customized applications.

Internet Data Center Application Hosting

The world of computing software is changing rapidly and the rules that applied just a few years ago do not necessarily apply today. That is, software applications that once needed to be on your desktop, local server, and/or local desktop computer do not necessarily need to be there today. Because of recent advances in the technology arena with Web browsers, broadband connectivity, Internet security, and Internet data centers. EYP can provide hosted desktop productivity applications to more specialized software and solutions in a secure and managed environment. This approach frees you the user up from having to do upgrades security patches and general maintenance. Through this approach EYP can monitor and manage the performance of your desktop applications and make real-time adjustments as necessary. Through EYPís strategic partnerships EYP can provide a whole range of hosted server solutions depending on the customers¬í needs.

Project Management

To bring it all together, EYP will provide detail project plans to track continued progress of all scoped tasks from each business area and reports analyzing the findings with recommendations on implementing specific solutions that include process improvement strategies, flowcharts, and baseline metrics.