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EYP Management Consulting

Business Process Improvement
EYP will provide a detail business assessment of your internal work flow processes throughout the organization and will be there to help implement changes to existing internal processes for all key roles in organization to allow for organization knowledge transfer.

EYP analyzes the organizationís departmental roles and responsibilities and identifies areas whereby the identified tasks can be accomplished information systems without human intervention, thereby creating a sustainable hard dollar cost savings for the organization.

EYP will support the development of a roadmap for re-engineering your product and service business enterprise functions, it is critical that your re-engineering team can applies a better understand and significantly improve your business processes and bottom-line performance. Having identified and mapped the processes, deciding which ones need to be reengineered and in what order they should be prioritized.

Business Technology Evaluation and Implementation

Business Technology Evaluation and Implementation
EYPís business technology evaluation and implementation is essentially where the rubber meets the road. When EYP engages a new client it carefully lays out a roadmap of implementing only necessary technology solutions that will immediately impact the business. EYP prides itself on not having customers purchase and implement new technology for technologies sake - EYP solutions impact the businesses bottom-line!!

Project Management
To bring it all together, EYP will provide detail project plans to track continued progress of all scoped tasks from each business area and reports analyzing the findings with recommendations on implementing specific solutions that include process improvement strategies, flowcharts, and baseline metrics.